Speech Therapist

A child is not born with established speech. Gradually, step by step, he learns to pronounce sounds and clearly linking the words to build sentences, clearly and consistently express their thoughts. But, unfortunately, sometimes speech development occurs late or with special developmental needs. In this case, the speech therapist will help.

Who is a speech therapist?

Speech Therapist – is a corrective teacher, addressing the issues of speech disorders in children and adults. Speech therapist not only "puts" sounds. Work of speech therapist begins with the development of attention in children, visual and auditory perception (recognition and distinction), memory, thinking, gross and fine motor skills. Without this it is impossible to establish a full-fledged educational process. The tasks of speech therapy include expansion and enrichment of the vocabulary of children, the development of coherent speech and literacy, correcting grammatical mistakes. Besides owning correction methods of speech and writing, speech therapist is familiar with the basics of neuropathology, psychopathology, pathology of hearing and speech.

When should you consult a speech therapist:

  • late language development;
  • speech understanding disorders;
  • incorrect pronunciation of sound;
  • stutter.

What issues you need to consult the therapist:

  • teach a child to correctly pronounce the sounds;
  • work on the ability to make stories, retellings;
  • teach a child to read, reading and writing;
  • cope with the problem of violations of reading, writing (dyslexia, dysgraphia);
  • form syllabic structure of the word;
  • painless stretch of the hyoid ligament (bridle), which interferes the normal pronunciation of the sounds "L" and "R";
  • logopaedic massage.
Modern parents try their best to take their child in sports, music, foreign languages, often ignoring the fact that the kid pronounces some sounds with difficulty. Many people believe that it will pass with age. Treatment by a speech therapist should begin as soon as possible as to correct such violations with age becoming increasingly difficult.

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