Drawing with paints - this is one of the favorite forms of creativity of the majority of children. And no wonder - the paint look great, and it is not necessary to use a brush to apply them on paper, since foam sponges, cotton swabs or even their own fingers can replace it. Fortunately, the drawing - this kind of art is not only interesting, but also very useful for the development of the child.

What gives children the drawing?

Drawing process develops memory and attention. Transferring any images to the paper, the child learns to think, to write, to imagine. Every time working on the picture, children create their own world. After completing the picture, the child explains what and why he painted. It develops its thinking and speaking. Drawing helps even the development of mathematical abilities. While the child draws, he learns to analyze, compare, measure distance value. And the use of new and unusual techniques while drawing only expands this list.

In addition, drawing perfectly develops fine motor skills of the child. His fingers get used to perform a variety of movements such as to keep the brush to gain on her a paint, rinse it in water. The child learns to control the pressure, the amplitude. The developed fine motor skills are also developed thinking. Children whose parents taught to draw and make crafts from an early age, get used to the school easier, write and memorize better, have more developed speech.

To draw a child may need:

  • paper of different sizes and sufficient density;
  • paints;
  • brushes;
  • special plastic jar for water;
  • palette;
  • napkins, with which you can quickly remove the error in the picture.

Classes are held with children from 5 to 12 years

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