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Sports section:

  • JUDO
  • Wushu
  • Gymnastics for girls of kindergarten

What parents need to know about Martial Arts classes?

Martial arts classes - this is not desire to defeat an opponent, waving his arms. The main goal - the harmonious development of mental and physical health. Armament your children the necessary knowledge and skills they will need in life, self-confidence and self-esteem. These skills are imperative for successful people.

Will YOUR children be professional athletes or not, largely depends on themselves, on their commitment. But at least they will be able to fend for themselves at the right time, not only physically but also psychologically. Join the sports lifestyle, eliminating harmful habits. Be strong in body and spirit!

Organizational matters:

  • Classes are held with children from 4 to 12 years.
  • Training process includes exercise, mobile educational games, exercises for flexibility, agility, elements of different styles of fighting.
  • Availability of specialized forms for employment.

What do give lessons in sports sections to children?

Physical skills - while training the child's body fully develops, health improves, tendons and muscles strengthens, agility and flexibility develop, the heart trains and endurance produces, children learn to navigate in space and time, to coordinate actions with a partner, develop coordination, imagination and thinking;

Self-discipline - learning process makes the child to concentrate, to focus on the required task, execute it to the end;

Self-confidence - overcoming their weaknesses and fears, children begin to believe in himself, there is no need to assert himself at the expense of others, children learn to resolve disputes peacefully, without applying their skills in full force;

Respect - the principles of martial arts are based on respect. respect to its partners, coaches, other people and - most importantly - himself;

Energy balance - in training children spend excess energy, directing it in the right direction, getting rid of complexes, aggression and disobedience; learn to apply their knowledge of fighting only in the right direction.

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