We sincerely wish the teachers new creative achievements, professional victories; the students - great strides in learning and exemplary behavior; the graduates - active participation in the affairs of the school. All - good health, prosperity, joy and optimism.
Director of the CRC "Umut - Hope" Shelike Carla-Maria
I like "Ilim", because there are very good teachers and a great principal. We have a very friendly class, we often go on trips. I'm trying to learn perfectly. That's why I am a student at this school!
Kim Carolina, pupil of 4 "A" class
Our daughter came to study at the "Ilim", after studying at several private schools. All our family likes "Ilim". Education that children receive in school is so high quality and versatile, that our child does not need any tutors or clubs - everything you need is in school.
Pichureviches (pupil of 4 "A" class)
I am very happy that my children are brought up in this group of children, because we have absolute confidence in the teaching staff. Our children are significantly growing in their development.
Conscientious, hard-working, sympathetic and understanding people work here. Our children staying in the garden without parents, are in safe hands, and we, the parents always sure about the them. Kids get expert help in all aspects (speech therapist, psychologist, teachers, health workers, cooks, etc.)
EC "Ilim" - we trust you, the most valuable thing we have! We wish you to go only forward, to educate a generation worthy of our ancestors. How you do it!
Parents of Kasymbekov Aydar

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