It is very important that a child from an early age, met with friendly and respectful attitude in kindergarten. I like the psychological atmosphere in the group: it is always calm, interesting and fun.
Nurzat Kyrbaeva
Atmosphere created in the group, cause our children to desire to go to kindergarten even on weekends. The food that cooks prepare at the complex - the most delicious and, as my child says, no one mother in the world does not know how to cook this "magic" porridge.
We can say with certainty that our son has achieved great success for his age, has becomes much more sociable and more responsive. He goes to kindergarten with pleasure. I would like the educators to assign homework for weekends!
Jibek Akulueva
The success of "Ilim" - is the result of the work of professionals for many years, of their wish and desire to give children the power of knowledge that will be necessary for them to achieve their goals in the future.
Aida Ibragimova
"Ilim" - this is when the tears of happiness welling on morning performances because you see talents of the children disclosed by their educators. This close-knit family of children, that make friends even the parents.
Doktorbekova Sezim
"Ilim" – like a little homeland! For our family, it really is. My husband and I also studied here, so we decided to give our baby only here.
Kahns graduates of "Ilim"

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