"Ilim" - a model of a small educated intellectual Kyrgyzstan. Only in friendship, peace and harmony you reached the top. The warmth of your hearts, that you give will forever remain in the hearts of children of the orphanage. We believe that the example that you are setting will help and encourage everyone else for the best.
Chairman of the Board of the Children's Home "Meerim Bulagy" Degenbaeva G.O.
I've heard a lot about the school "Ilim". I cannot hide it, that I wanted to work there. Now, I am proud and happy to say: "I work in the best school! It is a place where creativity allowed to develop, where the values of life of our grandparents remained steadfast.
Beysheeva B. (school psychologist)
20 years is not a short time for school! This stability and a variety of projects you embodied in life. Activities of the school deserves the highest praise! Let everything will happen that way in the future, and even better. I wish you prosperity, expanding partnerships, gifted students and inexhaustible energy.
D. Kendirbaeva, Deputy Minister of Education of the Kyrgyz Republic
EC "Ilim" considered being one of the best educational institutions in our Republic. Over the years the educational complex has grown not only in the scale of our capital city, and the country as a whole.
T. A. Konurbaev, First Vice Rector - Vice Rector for Academic activities KSU named I. Arabaev
We know "Ilim" as a dynamic, modern educational complex oriented toward the future. This was made possible thanks to your talented teachers, dedicated to pedagogical work. We believe that your school is one of the leaders in the field of school and pre-school education in Kyrgyzstan.
Founder EC - Gymnasium "Eureka" G. V. Kochetkova
The children and staff of the Center for a temporary stay of children "Nurmeeaysa" from the bottom of their hearts thank you, children and parents of EC "Ilim" for attention, care taken to our children. We are very pleased to have friends in your face.
Director CTSC "Nurmeeaysa" G.S.Kiribaeva


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