Meeting with Veronique Garrett

On March 3, at our school, we had a meeting with Veronique Garrett, wife of the British Ambassador, and students of grades 9-11, where an important topic "Children with disabilities and society" was discussed.

Veronique Garrett is an early intervention specialist. She spoke about the challenges faced by people with disabilities.

Veronique Garrett not only talked about people with special needs, but also revealed the topic from the other side, made our students feel through interactive games what children with disabilities feel and how sometimes it is difficult for them to socialize in society.

Our students talked about the school, about social projects in which we take part, our mission and philosophy.

Veronique noted in our children openness, freedom in expressing their thoughts, activity and indifference. She was very surprised by the level of English proficiency of our students.

It's very nice to hear such reviews about our children.


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