Star Employee of the Week

Friends, do you remember that our school has a weekly Star Employee of the Week nomination?

So, the following employees got their stars last week:

  • Syromyatnikova Tatyana Nikolaevna - for creativity, individuality, non-standard thinking in solving the assigned tasks
  • Elena Aleksandrovna Baltovskaya - for creativity and personal contribution to work, creative approach, ability to create fresh ideas
  • Omurbekova Aigerim Narynbekovna - for personal contribution to the common cause, responsibility in work, creative approach
  • Kochmanbetova Aizhan Kyshtobekovna - for exceeding and conscientious attitude to work, clarity in solving tasks, striving for development and growth
  • Elena Aleksandrovna Mikhailova - for exceeding in work and personal contribution, for constant help to the educator of her group

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