Can the game teach?

It is easy to see the enemy in technology, realizing that they are locking children in virtual reality. Nevertheless, it is important to understand that a child with a gadget is a reality of our time, and in most cases, they will interact with technology. Therefore, we need to think not about how to protect children from gadgets, although this is also important, but about how to use gadgets to teach children to interact with the real world and at the same time learn. Why do we need to follow the "Deny" road if there is an opportunity to "Use for our own purposes"?

We concluded that it is possible to combine Minecraft, in which thousands of teenagers spend several hours a day, studying? Minecraft gives scope for imagination and almost does not limit the possibilities. You can build, extract resources, create and complete quests, engage in joint activities in it, or just wander around the world. The more freedom, the more ideas how to use it.

Schoolchildren explore and write essays about sunken ships, study a three-dimensional coordinate system, build models of atoms and molecules, and are acquainted with alternative energy sources. Due to its flexibility, the game easily adapts to different disciplines.

Learning mathematics using Minecraft primarily trains logic and spatial thinking - children not only master the basic rules, but also immediately learn to apply them in practice. Yes, you can study without leaving your favorite game today.


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