Graduates of 2018-2019

Curators: Syromyatnikova Tatyana Nikolaevna and Egemberdi kyzy Zhanara

Congratulations to the graduates of 2018-2019 of Ilim Educational Complex on admission to universities and colleges in the country and abroad.

We are proud of you, we wish you prosperity in adulthood. We believe that victory and success will accompany you in everything!

  1. Kadyrov Ruslan – Kyrgyz State Medical Academy named after I.K.Akhunbaev (KSMA) (Pediatrics-budget)
  2. Rakhimov Amir – Kyrgyz-Russian Slavic University (KRSU) (General Medicine and Nanoelectronics - Budget)
  3. Akhmetzyanov Eldar – KRSU (Information Technology and Communication System)
  4. Sokolova Victoria – KRSU (Faculty of Architecture, Design and Construction)
  5. Tariel kyzy Jasmine – KRSU (Faculty of Architecture, Design and Construction)
  6. Asykpaeva Aizhan – KRSU (Faculty of Medicine)
  7. Akzholtoev Zharkynbek – Kyrgyz State University of Construction, Transport and Architecture N. Isanova (KGUSTA) (Faculty of Architecture, Design and Construction - budget)
  8. Tursunbek kyzy Burul – KGUSTA (Fashion Design)
  9. Dzhagishev Tagal – Kyrgyz National University named after J. Balasagyn (Marketing)
  10. Zhanybekov Erbol – International University of Kyrgyzstan (Business Diplomacy)
  11. Nurgaziev Aidar – Kyrgyz State Technical University named after I. Razzakov (KSTU) (Faculty of Energy)
  12. Jamankulov Eric – KSTU (Information Security)
  13. Senchenko Yana – "Plekhanov Russian University of Economics" (International School of Business and World Economy), Russia, Moscow
  14. Kim Jhun So – Moscow Aviation Institute (MAI) (Missile systems and cosmonautics)
  15. Lee Sai – "Moscow State University named after M.V. Lomonosov (Moscow State University) (Faculty of Economics), Russia, Moscow
  16. Meschanintseva Dina – Language Courses, Czech Republic, Prague
  17. Sultangazieva Camila – Language Courses, Czech Republic, Prague
  18. Duishenbekova Alina – Institute of Finance and Management (Marketing), Czech Republic, Prague
  19. Gavdulakhatova Adele – Seoul National University (SNU) (Language Courses), South Korea, Seoul
  20. Zhao Ruslan – Germany International Hochschule Campus Studies (IUBH) (International Marketing and Business), Germany
  21. Seytekov Azamat – "German International School of Management and Administration" (GISMA), Germany
  22. Azygaliev Temirlan – "Malaysian University of Civil Engineering", Malaysia
  23. Akopyan Evgeny – "High School", USA


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