"Ilim" helped me to remain free, responsible and active person. Now I can make myself useful for my people more effectively. "Ilim" makes long-term investments in the community.
A graduate of "Ilim" Maldybaev Baikal
I am very grateful to our "Ilim" for the patient, friendly, highly professional parenting. Prosperity and longevity to you, "Ilim". you have to educate many more prominent personalities for our country!
Irina Popravko
"Ilim", thank you for your tenderness and care of our children! Thanks to you my son learned a lot. Professionalism, safety, and comfort!!! Bravo!
Natalia Berstein
We have not even thought about what to give our child. Of course, in the "Ilim." Our older daughter and son went here. And we did not regret it! All of our family looks forward to morning performances and event. The child is interesting and fun, and therefore we are happy.
Marina Danilchenko
Our daughter likes to go to kindergarten, and most of all, as she says, she likes to make a sound analysis of words and play with the other girls!
We go to the garden with a great desire. In a few months we have learned a lot of poems, songs in Kyrgyz, Russian and English languages. Our child relates and speaks with love of his educators, because they give love too!


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