We bring our children to this wonderful kindergarten, which is more like a fairy tale forest. We are touched by our children’s drawings and craftworks - first, so simple and clumsy, and then more skilful and more interesting.
"Ilim" – is the trust! I always worried about leaving the daughter in the garden on all day, but at "Ilim" we felt the warmth, comfort, attention, and love for children.
Thank you for unforgettable holiday concerts, on which our children show their talents to the delight of parents, their smiles of joy and happiness. Thank you for your hard work and love for your work.
Gulnara Kapysheva
One day my child called the assistant educator "mother Natasha". I was very pleased, as it is an indication that the child treats her as a close, loved one. When I see such a genuine love, my heart rejoices and my soul is calm!
Our daughter is looking forward to the end of the weekend to go to kindergarten. She always tells his mother that there is a tasty food in the garden, and asks to do same food "as in the garden"!
We were selecting kindergarten for a long time, we went to a few private gardens. "Ilim" we loved very much. The atmosphere is very favorable: warm, bright, cozy groups, friendly staff. Our daughter has learned a lot of new and interesting classes for a year.
Galia Vasilenko


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