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What is the difference of "Ilim" from other schools?

This is the most frequently asked question!

Imagine a small island where there is a cute little house, surrounded by pine trees, birch trees and beautiful greenery. The island's history began with the dream of making every student successful!

Today "Ilim" - a place of unity of pupils from around the world. It is well known that if a child is cozy and comfortable after lessons, then he learns better. Galleries with flowers and upholstered furniture, dining room, basketball court and much more allow children to feel the warmth of the hearth. Originality in approach, a pronounced feature of the image, diversity of educational and social activities allow everyone to learn to be successful.

Unity of teachers with students and parents and a genuine love for the children - that's the difference "of Ilim"!

13 reasons why your child will be good in "Ilim":

  • 1

    The team of qualified teachers and educators work with your child.
  • 2

    Training program pays special attention to the study of foreign languages, the development of creativity and imagination, and the formation of civil and personal position, the ability to work independently with the information, form and express their opinions, to maximally develop the intellectual potential and social skills of a child.
  • 3

    Timetable was drawn up taking into account the health-saving mode: alternation of mental and physical activity, 30-minute lessons, moving breaks, division of the academic year for 5 semesters.
  • 4

    Team of school psychologists will always help find a solution in a difficult situation.
  • 5

    During the afternoon doing his homework, your child will always receive advice and assistance.
  • 6

    Organized leisure - projects, mugs, elective courses, music school, and sports clubs - will help to open the creative potential.
  • 7

    Internet access, a library, two computer labs are available for your child at any time.
  • 8

    Your child at any time will receive first medical and drug assistance. Once a year, a general medical examination by specialists and preventive measures throughout the academic year.
  • 9

    Sporting festivals, environmental trainings, sports days, hardening, a trip to the pool will enhance your child's health.
  • 10

    Your child is provided with 3 single balanced nutrition, according to his national preferences and age features.
  • 11

    The security is guaranteed for your child.
  • 12

    At any time you can ask for help or get the information you need from the head teacher, teacher, curator, psychologist, or doctor.
  • 13

    Partnerships of children and teachers create an atmosphere of forming a free person with critical thinking.

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